Monday, December 17, 2007

JUCCCE Brings Energy Technology to China

The Joint U.S.-China Cooperation on Clean Energy (JUCCCE)

JUCCCE is a non-profit organization focused on helping China accelerate 30 years of world experience and development in energy into 10 years. JUCCCE advisors makeup a network of multi-disciplinary leaders in energy efficiency and clean energy supply within China and the US.

"The heart of an NGO, the mind of a venture capitalist."
"The JUCCCE approach is strategic yet tactical. Our advisors have identified a roadmap of programs that will deliver near-term results with greatest impact, including green buildings, an efficient industrial sector, smart transportation, cleaner coal and renewable energy. Our programs focus on accelerating information flow within a rapidly changing market, creating models for more energy efficient physical systems, and expanding opportunities for commercialization, technology transfer, sales and implementation of products locally."

"The name JUCCCE, pronounced "juice", stands for:
  • 聚思 (Jù Sī) "A Coalition of Thinkers"
  • Cooperation
  • Cleaner fuel
  • Inspiring people to make a change
  • Juicing up the energy markets
  • Accelerating us into a better future"
JUCCCE's three approaches are:
  • Accelerating information
  • Integrated urban design
  • On-line one-stop marketplace of energy solutions for China
In this video Peggy Liu, JUCCCE Chairperson, explains its goals and approach.

JUCCCE wants you to contact them at if you are interested in volunteering to help. In particular they are looking for
  • English to Chinese website/document translation
  • HTML coding & editing
  • Videography editing

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